4th Annual Codeathon is Coming!


Trinity University’s Center for the Sciences and Innovation (CSI)

Fall 2020

About the VIA Codeathon

VIA Metropolitan Transit, the premier public transportation system for San Antonio and Bexar County, hosted its second GoCodeSA Codeathon, an event designed to bring together the best coders, designers, and tech experts in the area, and challenge them to turn bright transit ideas into potential transit innovation for our region.

2018 Codeathon Recap

Thanks again for a great weekend! This was my first time doing a Codeathon. I thought it was fun and challenging to work out new ideas and dig into the different data sets. Public transportation and city development are a side passion of mine so it was very fun to have a weekend to run with it.

2017 Codeathon Participant

Codeathon 2020 Countdown

Stay tuned for updates, we are planning to have the next Codeathon in Fall 2020!

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