Data Sets

Coding Requirements

Please follow VIA Application Coding Requirements when developing your projects. The purpose of following these guidelines is to minimize barriers when it comes to integrating submitted code into existing projects. We understand this can be difficult to use tools you are unfamiliar, but perhaps you can use it as an opportunity to brush up on something you do not use so frequently. In the end, one of the goals of this event is to help enhance tech talent in the area.

Bus Schedule and Location Information

Information on VIA’s GTFS data and more can be found on VIA’s Developer Resources page.

We know that digesting GTFS can be a bit difficult which is why we are providing access to that same information in a much more user friendly API. We will be sending out more information on VIA’s API by email to participants prior to the event. If you have questions please use the contact form.

Chatbot Project Resources

For chatbot related projects please see and

Additional Resources